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We have a lot of fun in our classes. Practicing with a friend helps motivate you, too. All classes are structured with layers of challenges and tons of variety to get you strong and flexible. You'll be surprised by what your body can do.


At Virta Pilates we offer classes for all bodies. We schedule regular group reformer class, classic mat, or private 1 on 1s to support your fitness goals. The studio is equipped with reformers with towers, chairs, and a mix of props to strengthen and tone your beautiful body. Classes are tailored to anyone from beginners to advanced level Pilates enthusiasts.

Work 1 on 1 with Beth for three private sessions. Learn how your body can move efficiently and safely, gain deeper strength, get in shape and keep a regular workout routine.

Reach out to Beth directly at virtapilates@gmail.com or 503-333-6273.




Pilates is more than "getting in shape." Build stability and flexibility from the inside out with spring resistance training and props. Increase concentration and gain more energy. 

Semi Reformer

1:2  •  $35

Take a reformer or chair class with a partner. Increase your flexibility, stability and stamina in these equipment sessions. Modifications and building blocks offered as needed.

$240 for 8pk   /   $287 for 10pk



1:10  •  $24

Mat Pilates builds your muscles from the inside out. Lengthen and strengthen your body as you move through this challenging hour long classical format.

$180 for 10pk



1:1 $64

Build deep muscle groups to prevent injury, move safely, and/or prep for group class. Customized to your specific needs with lots of challenge.

$320 for 5pk   /   $600 for 10pk

PLEASE NOTE: All payments are taken through the  SQUARE PORTAL. Selecting a package button will take you to the Square  payment portal. Return to SCHEDULE to book a service separately.


New Clients

Students new to Pilates will build an understanding of the Pilates movement system and its equipment during private 1:1 sessions. These three sessions give you and I a chance to review where you are physically and discuss any health issues needing attention. This time allows us opportunity to collaborate on setting a plan in place that follows your fitness goals.


Three one hour sessions 1:1   /  $160 for 3pk

Schedule your Introductory Package by calling Beth at 503 333-6273 or
virtapilates@gmail.com (new clients only)



We offer virtual group or private classes with Zoom.​

MON  5pm  Mat With Props    

SAT  9am  Mat Power House

Sign up to join our fun group, and watch for a confirmation email with the class link. Reach out to Beth directly for any questions at 503-333-6273.




PEAK Certified Pilates Instructor & Owner

Virta means power in Finnish, which is my heritage. The pandemic has helped me realize this is a time to reconnect with my roots and source personal strength. My goal and promise are to help you find community through our classes and gain personal power in your regular practice. Join us for an hour of fun.


I have studied Pilates since 2009. An active lifestyle has always been a priority for me. When chronic shoulder pain prevented me from doing anything I enjoyed, I tried Pilates. After one class, I realized the exercises were like my physical therapy homework--but it was fun! The workout was fabulous for toning and building strength. I learned to retrain my limited muscle patterns, and I gained better posture. This beautiful movement system became my passion. I earned my teaching certification through PEAK Pilates in 2018. 

I've spent many years working with clients who have scoliosis, vertigo, chronic shoulder, and hip pain. If you have questions, send me an email at virtapilates@gmail.com.

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3334 SW Luradel St, Portland, Oregon 97219

virtapilates@gmail.com    503 333-6273


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